The Story of The Stone Sink Company

Beautiful Indonesia

Our founder, James, has spent extensive time in Indonesia. He fell in love with everything about the country; the people, the culture, the landscape. During an extended stay in Indonesia back in 2008 and way off the tourist trail, a relationship was forged and an idea began to grow!

indonesia 1
James in Indonesia (a long time ago!)

James partnered with, and became good friends with Alex who owns a family run stone workshop and also is a partner in a reclaimed teak workshop.

  • The products were unique – modern, contemporary and fresh – perfect for the UK market.
  • The quality of the products was superb – handmade to the highest standard using centuries learnt knowledge.
  • Alex, the owner of the workshop was the perfect partner! A true gent, open, friendly, transparent, affable, driven and flexible.
  • Alex ran the workshop the right way. All the workers were treated as part of the family – happy, relaxed, focussed on their jobs, keen to succeed, better themselves and to learn.
2010 to 2022. Same bond with Alex, just both looking a bit older !

The Stone Sink Company and Ombak Furniture were born in late 2010.

The Evolution

From small beginnings, we have evolved to where we are today. New wider product ranges and sink designs, bespoke/custom washtands and vanities, commercial projects – thanks to staying true to our original philosophies we have organically grown.

We are still committed to our core ideals – we still work with Alex and get to Indonesia when we can to nurture that relationship, we believe in our products, we try to give the best service we can to our customers, we give back to the rural community that produces our products.

The Stone Sink Company in Indonesia

Stunning Indonesia

The Stone Sink Company and Ombak were born out of spending time in Indonesia. Indonesia runs in our blood. We are not a faceless exploitative corporate – we work closely with our workshop and all our staff. A modern, connected world allows us to have daily contact with Alex running the workshop, and we have regular visits to Java from the UK.

Our workers
Helping out the locals!

Our products are a whole lot more than just your average item. The pieces themselves are handmade, traceable and unique. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our items or our business!