Reclaimed Teak

The Stone Sink Company offer a growing range of unique washstands to perfectly compliment our stunning stone sinks! We wanted an ethically produced washstand that was something different, so partnered with a workshop in central Java that hand produces beautiful items from reclaimed teak.

A traditional Indonesian house where we reclaim our teak from
Reclaimed Teak 5

Reclaimed Teak used in all of The Stone Sink Company’s wooden items is truly a unique wood! All wooden pieces sold by The Stone Sink Company exhibit the beautiful qualities of the reclaimed wood. Reclaimed teak is truly a special material for furniture –

  • There are wonderful aesthetics derived from the teak grain.
  • These aesthetics are further enhanced by the signs of previous use – nail marks, infill, blocks, etc.
  • Teak is a hard-wood, high density and rich in natural oils – this makes incredibly durable, hence being used for centuries in shipbuilding.
  • Teak has a natural stain-resistance.
  • Reclaimed teak has been exposed to the elements for years. This gives a beautiful effect, and also ensures the wood has done all its natural movement before it is made into furniture.
Reclaimed teak 2

Reclaimed teak has a feel-good factor. As well as being stunning in it’s own right, a piece of reclaimed teak furniture is emotive. You can see, feel and touch history.

Where does reclaimed teak furniture come from?

Reclaimed Teak 4

The teak tree is a slow growing hardwood, abundant across South-East Asia. Teak has many wonderful properties (rot-resistance, tight hard grain, termite and fungus resistance) which make it perfect for
construction. Teak is one of the major natural resources used in Indonesia.

Before the recent advent of environmentalism, teak was used in every form of construction without a care for the consequences and deforestation. In the modern era, people are a lot more aware of the impacts of deforestation.

Over the course of time – old, traditional teak houses are being replaced by modern houses of bricks and mortar. The teak that has been previously used for construction is as good as the day it was felled, maybe 80-100 years ago.. In fact, due to the reasons mentioned above it is even better!

The Community


The reclaimed furniture produced by The Stone Sink Company is ethical. We believe that we do the best we can and the good we do far out-weights the bad. Our furniture is made from 100% reclaimed wood.

Our goods are made in a very low key, authentic workshop in central Java. It is a traditional workshop, run the relaxed ‘Indonesian way’ and supporting the local community. Our workshop is not run by a corporate fat-cat in Jakarta, there is no hungry middle-man squeezing his profit out of the furniture.

Our wooden furniture is handmade in a community. The money paid for the furniture is fair and does filter back to the people that matter, the workers. If you have any questions whatsoever about our reclaimed teak furniture please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].